Innovative Thinking: Static LiDAR as a Tool in Survey Related Projects

headshot-sdharmapuriThe January/February 2018 edition of LiDAR Magazine features an article by MA’s Srini Dharmapuri, PhD, CP, PPS, SP, titled “Static LiDAR as a Tool in Survey Related Projects”. The article focuses on static LiDAR methodology, case studies and QC processes. It also features images, point cloud data and plan views created by MA Engineering Consultants, Inc.

In the article, Dr. Dharmapuri looks at two recent MAEC projects that used static LiDAR services. He describes project workflow, packages used to obtain data, and project deliverables.

Point cloud data of bridge

Point cloud data of bridge

Outdoor Static LiDAR Project
The first project involved using a static scanner on a bridge to assist field surveys to determine accurate elevations and locations of existing facilities. Planimetric and topographic surveys along the project corridors were created as well, with those files being delivered to the client in MicroStation format.


Indoor Static LiDAR Project

A section of the point cloud showing building interior

A section of the point cloud showing building interior

The second project, a 3D laser scan and Building Information Model (BIM) of a building interior was discussed. Dr. Dharmapuri indicated how MA’s Faro X330HD scanner was used to collect interior and exterior scans, processing the data using Faro Scene, and delivering an AutoCAD format file to the client  using Autodesk Recap and Revit.




The article concludes that

“…static LiDAR adds value to the survey work in multiple ways.

  • The ability to acquire data quickly with a richer data density and the precision of the data enables the job to be done efficiently.
  • Flexibility to use the point cloud in different packages to meet the client’s needs.”

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