Innovative Thinking: Evolution of the Point Cloud

Dr. Srini DharmapuriThe introduction of  Semi Global Matching (SGM) and Structure from Motion (SfM) has created new vistas in the point cloud creation process. These methods are currently integral to the UAS based data processing. Now that point clouds can be created from a laser scanner or from overlapping images,  it is necessary to get an understanding on the characteristics of the point clouds created from different capture methods.

Dr. Srini Dharmapuri, MA Engineering Consultant’s Geospatial Director in our Dulles, VA office  has developed a two part paper on the evolution of point cloud. Part One of the paper has been  published  in the current edition of the LiDAR magazine titled “Evolution of Point Cloud” and Part Two will be published in the subsequent edition.

Watch “The Evolution of Point Clouds: An Interview with the Authors”
Evolution of Point Clouds: An Interview with the Authors

Evolution of Point Cloud

From Dr. Srini Dharmapuri’s paper titled “Evolution of Point Cloud” in LiDAR magazine. Left and right images of a stereo pair and the “disparity” map (right) showing the differences of each pixel in the right and left image. Photo courtesy Stack Overflow.