Innovative Thinking: Evolution of the Point Cloud – Part Two

Dr. Srinivasan DharmapuriDr. Srini Dharmapuri, Geospatial Director in MA Engineering Consultants’ Dulles, VA office, has developed a two part paper titled “Evolution of Point Cloud”. This edition of Innovative Thinking focuses on part two of the paper that was published in LiDAR magazine.

In Part 2, seven different data collections including Altavian (high, low), Inspire 2 (High, low), UAS LiDAR (High, Low), and Fixed wing LiDAR, were analyzed for data density, data void and completeness of the data.  Also discussed in Part 2 are issues that will play a role in the creation of point cloud from imagery. Based on the analysis, it was clear that the point density of the photogrammetric point cloud is comparable or even better than the point density obtained from LiDAR. Also, the derivative products like elevation grid and contours can be created from the point cloud from the images similar to LiDAR point cloud.


Data coverage comparison

Comparison of the data coverage of the Inspire 2 (VTOL) high altitude, Inspire 2 (VTOL) low altitude and Altavian (Fixed wing) high altitude data collections. From a coverage perspective, green signifies “enough” while yellow is less than adequate and red is limited to none.


Watch “The Evolution of Point Clouds: An Interview with the Authors”

Evolution of Point Clouds: An Interview with the Authors