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Our Solar Array

MAEC Solar Farm

MAEC’s Solar Panel Farm

MA Engineering Consultants, Inc. is doing our part to go green as we’ve transformed the majority of our corporate headquarters roof into a solar-panel farm that will generate about 61,000 kilowatts of power a year. The solar array will power the entire 7,000 sq ft office building and will eliminate our electric bill entirely, saving us a significant amount of money each year, while reducing our carbon footprint.

MAEC paid over $220,000 to install 160 SunPower 327 watt photovoltaic panels that cover over 85% of our roof.

MAEC Solar Array StatisticsImproving the community in which we live, work and play is our primary goal. We recycle all waste paper, electronics, plastic bottles and cans that are produced from our business, therefore installing solar panels was the next logical step.